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Weekly Shark Update – 24/04/2009

April 24, 2009

Members of ConsumersVoice;   As the consumer you are granted a tool whereby you are able to evaluate and rate our business on customer care, quality and service delivery.  We value your input, as this assists us in constantly improving our service.  Proudly, we are the ONLY white shark cage diving company in South Africa who is an accredited member of this service.

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This week we were fortunate to again spot a Brydes whale on one of our tours.  Bryde’s whales are more commonly found in warmer sub-tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Oceans and off –shore from Ethiopia.  Populations exist mainly in waters of  -20°C. They are not migratory, but they do move between inshore to offshore waters to follow food.


Weekly Shark Update – 17/04/2009

April 17, 2009

We are proud members of The Sark Trust, a UK based charity organization dedicated to advancing the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action.

For latest updates and news on the overfishing of sharks and efforts to stop shark finning, please click onto: Most recent news posted on Shark Trust website;

Plans to protect sharks set to receive backing

EU fisheries ministers are next week expected to back plans to protect endangered sharks. At a meeting in Luxembourg (23-24 April) ministers will be invited to endorse measures to stop overfishing of sharks and follow the international conservation plans that the EU has already signed up to. They will also discuss an EU shark action plan that was published by the European Commission in January.

One-third of shark species in European waters are threatened, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Sonja Fordham of the Shark Alliance, a coalition of conservation groups, described the Commission’s plan as encouraging, but noted that “it is just a plan, it is not binding”. She said the priority should be toughening up the implementation of the EU ban on shark ‘finning’, the practice of catching a shark, cutting off its fins and throwing it back into the sea to die.

Weekly Shark Update

April 3, 2009

Besides some excellent great white activity this week, we were also fortunate enough to spot a Sooty Shearwater and Brydes Whale on our tour.

Sooty Shearwater Bird

Since safety is ALWAYS our first priority, our boat is due for it’s annual survey on the 9th of April, when all our safety, emergency and medical equipment will be inspected and updated by the South African Marine & Safety Authority.

Our 50-man life raft has also just received it’s annual survey, to ensure that it is remains current and in good working order.