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Business Women of the Year 2009

July 27, 2009

Business Woman of the year Entrepreneurship Award

Each year Nedbank nominate certain candidates to participate in an event to honor the many remarkable women whose achievements in business have served to elevate the true spirit of proudly South African, within their local economy and South Africa.

The three categories for nominations for 2009 were Social Entrepreneurs, Emerging Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs.

The Managing Director of White Shark Ecoventures, Mariette Hopley, was nominated in the Entrepreneur Category, where she was chosen as a finalist.  The gala evening took place on 18 June 2009 when the awards were handed over.

We hereby wish to congratulate Mariette on this fantastic achievement.

Included in photos above;

Mariette Hopley (MD – White Shark Ecoventures)

Cindy Thornhill (CEO – White Shark Ecoventures)

Gerry Rantselli


New Shark Diving Image – Feeding Time

July 22, 2009

Another one of our images from the archives which has been posted to our Flickr account for all to enjoy – if you want to experience the thrill of shark cage diving in South Africa then please visit our site for more information, its an experience you will never forget:

Sea Shepherd International

July 14, 2009

Sea Shepherd International is a world wide organisation that campaigns against cruelty to all animals in the ocean. Their facebook group states;

This is a group for people who are outraged by the inhumane acts of whaling, shark finning, long-lining, seal clubbing, dolphin slaughtering, or any other kind of ocean inhabitant destruction.

Please join this group to show your support!

World Environment Day 2009

July 7, 2009

World Environment Day;

Global warming and climate change are two of the biggest and most pressing issues facing our planet today.  The 5th of June 2009 is World Environment Day and again, like so many years before, White Shark Ecoventure’s crew and staff took notice of the burning issues affecting our planet and in support of this great cause, contributed by adapting our life-styles at home and at work, as listed below.

We urge you to also make a difference in your work and home environment, in an effort to save our planet.  Even the smallest change can make a big difference.

White Shark Ecoventures also make use of only natural and bio-degradable products, when conducting our daily tours out at sea.

How we are making a difference and how you can also contribute;

  1. Switch from incandescent bulbs to LED or Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) bulbs;
  2. Turn of the lights when you leave the room;
  3. Only plant indigenous plants in your garden and remove alien invaders;
  4. Keep a separate rubbish bin for biodegradable foods so you can make your own compost heap.  This will save you money, improve your garden soil and most importantly, help the environment;
  5. Recycle all glass containers, big or small;
  6. Whether it is at your office or at your child’s school, encourage others to participate in recycling activities;
  7. Keep a separate dustbin for recyclable glass.  This way you can make a weekly trip to the closest glass recycling bank;
  8. Do not pour water down the drain if it can be used for other purposes like watering your garden;
  9. Turn of the tap while brushing your teeth or washing the dishes;
  10. Do not boil a full kettle if you only need one or two cups of boiling water.  Not only will this save water, but is also uses less electricity;

Make this part of your way of living and join us to protect our planet. Your contribution can make a huge difference!