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April 24, 2012
To all our friends – “HAPPY WORLD PENGUIN DAY!”- to mark the day SANCCOB is offering a discount on their ‘Adopt a penguin package’, where you get to name your own penguin and pay for its release back into the wild.White Shark Ecoventures and SANCCOB are mad about penguins…. ALL penguins, which is why World Penguin Day on 25 April is so special to all of us. We ask you to please visit the SANCCOB website today and support the fantastic work they do!!To find out more about African penguins visit and join their African Penguin Awareness Day page on Facebook.
Special Thank you to Sanccob for all their hard work and dedication to save these special marine birds!!!
Right :  We are adopting a penguin today why dont you adopt one too and make a difference ??


February 24, 2012

EOW – Effects of Oil on Wildlife International Conference 2012 – New Orleans – USA
MD of White Shark Ecoventures at the Aquarium of the Americas strolling banquet with – Left to Right – Venessa Strauss (SANCCOB), Lauren DuBois (Sea World – California), Dr Valeria Ruopolo (IFAW/AIUKA), Mariette Hopley (White Shark Ecoventures & EEFRC) and Barbara Callahan (IBR)

SANCCOB Fund Raiser Weekend – Boulders Beach ~ Masked Ball

October 26, 2009

White Shark Ecoventures again participated in the annual Sanccob Fund Raiser hosted at Boulders Beach, where they sponsored prizes to the value of R8500.00 to be auctioned off in aid of penguin rehabilitation.

This fund raiser was extremely successful, where a substantial amount of money was raised for the ongoing rehabilitation and preservation of the African Penguin, which has been classified an endangered specie since there are only 25000 breeding pairs left along the South African coast line.

On Sunady the 27th of Sept., White Shark Ecoventures also participated in the Sanccob childrens environmental and educational day, in order to create awareness amongst our youth with regard to all marine birds.  A Green Marine Kayak day was also hosted where all entrant fees were donated to Sanccob.

White Shark Ecoventures have been honoured to once again participate in this annual event and will continue to do so in the future.

First African Penguin Spotted Back In Namibia

June 22, 2009

It was a pink spot day on Mercury Island when a Namibian conservationist spotted the first African penguin back home after a recent 4-week stint of rehabilitated at SANCCOB.

On the 8th June, just 18 days after their release from Derdesteen Beach in Cape Town the first of a group of 129 penguins, which have been successfully rehabilitated at SANCCOB, was seen back at its original breeding colony of Mercury Island.

After his release from Derdesteen Beach, he was spotted on Robben Island on 25 May (4 days after being released from Derdesteen Beach). With this confirmed sighting on 25 May, this would mean that his actual swimming time was a fantastic 14 days!

At a total distance of 1019km, he averaged 72.7km per day!

So, if you play the lotto, you may want to remember the lucky numbers A10885 because that’s the tenacious little tike that won the race to get back home.

As with all collectives of animals one immediately stood out as the feistiest and was immediately dubbed ‘Black Angus’ as it fought its way through rehab, pecking the handlers randomly and generally taking charge.
Weighing in at 2,8kg on admittance, which is a respectable weight for a penguin and put him ahead in the weight-class of his fellow refugees, he pretty much doubled his weight as he ate his way through prime Sardine a la SANCCOB, to finally weigh in at 4.1kg on his release.

Of course it was he who strode out ahead of the group at the beach release, and first to take to the waters. And follows that he had to be the one to win the long swim home, to strike familiar soil shore and to announce triumphantly to his fellow Mercurians “Black Angus is back!’.

SANCCOB thanks all readers, listeners and volunteers who have followed the story of the 129 African penguins oiled off the coast of Luderitz as well as helped us with “Getting our birds back on their feet.”

Should you wish to donate to SANCCOB or to Adopt one of these penguins, please contact SANCCOB at +27 21 557 6155 or visit the adopt a penguin area of the SANCCOB website.